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Earn While You Learn/BrightCourse

The Earn While You Learn program is a fantastic way for Moms and Dads to learn about what to expect during pregnancy, labor and delivery and after, so they can feel more confident in being the kind of parents they want to be for their child(ren).

You can schedule to attend a class anytime during the Center's regular hours. You will meet one-on-one with one of our client advocates during your visit. Together you will decide which of the topics you want to cover. Then, you'll watch a short DVD and complete a worksheet as you watch the DVD. 

We realize that sometimes it's not possible to schedule during the Center's regular hours. Or, perhaps, you don't have a way to get to the Center. Now, you can access our EWYL program from anywhere you have computer access. No matter what your situation is, you can participate in EWYL.

After completing the lesson and having all your questions answered, your client advocate will give you Mommy Money, Daddy Dollars or Baby Bucks. You can use this "money" to "purchase" items in our Boutique for your children or yourself. With just regular weekly attendance, it is possible to earn everything you need for your new arrival before he/she gets here.

Our EWYL program provides parenting information up until your child reaches age 12. We also offer additional classes in finance, nutrition, healthy relationships, and more. These classes usually occur in the evenings and you earn "money" for attending these as well. Regular contests and specials allow you to earn even more "money" through the program.


  • Main Curriculum - Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, Baby's 1st year

  • Toddler Series - Ages 1-4

  • Parenting Curriculum - Ages 5-12

  • Life Skills - Budgeting, Job Search, Buying Insurance, Buying a Car, Cooking Skills, Abstinence, Credit Cards, Debt and more.

  • Special Circumstances - Adoption, Abuse, Abortion, and more.

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