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Tuesday, December 1st is #GivingTuesday, and we at the Savannah Care Center recognize you may be considering whom to give to and whether your donation will actually get to those in need. We pray you will include us in your generosity.


Now that the rush to get the ‘best deals’ around Black Friday is over, it is time to pause, breathe, and reflect on the true meaning of giving during this holiday season. It’s more than glitter and music and wonderful holiday baking. More than rushing to get the holiday prep complete. It really is time to remember those without your means, who are left in the wake of your speeding holiday train.


At the Center, we have been seeing our clients coming back after the shelter-in-place and we are hard at work to meet their needs and help them with their decision to bring their child into the light of day. It’s an important step to be available and to offer them resources to support their birth decision. 


Right now, we are focusing our fund-raising effort on expanding our client education program outside our doors to the homes of our clients, by offering our Earn-While-You-Learn (EWYL) classes ONLINE. This program will automatically update all the modules regularly, be available in both English and Spanish, and will allow our Client Advocates more opportunities for tele-counseling.


I want to share a quick story for you to consider: 


TJ, a young, single, mom in Ohio made a brave decision and chose life for her child. She started an EWYL program in Ohio but recently moved to Pooler, GA to live with her parents while she awaited the birth of her child. She wanted to continue the education series with us but has no transportation to and from our Center on 34th Street. This program could instantly allow her to continue the program from home and give our Client Advocates another opportunity to talk and listen to the concerns and questions of this new mom.


In addition, we have more and more Spanish-speaking moms who want to participate in our EWYL program, we just don’t have the resources to buy another set of the second language DVDs.


The cost of access to the entire multi-language online program for three years is $5,000.00, and that’s our goal for this fundraising opportunity. 


If just 10 people donated $14.00/month for the next three years,

we'd reach our goal!

If only 5 people donated $28.00/month for the next three years

we would reach our goal!

Fifty people donating $100 right now

would reach our goal!


YOU can be a part of making this happen to give our unborn babies and their families not only life but ABUNDANT life. LET'S DO THIS!!


Look in your heart. You’ve helped us help others so much, and we’re ever grateful for your generosity. Please be a part of our increased contact and education goal.  Every little bit helps. Just click the DONATE NOW button below and you're on your way to providing the women, men, and children in our community the abundant life Christ promises.