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Offsite  Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to serve, but your schedule won't allow you to come to the Center during the hours we're open, you can still serve by joining one of the following areas. These areas are critical in reaching and serving our clients facing unplanned pregnancy decisions.


Prayer Team Member

SCC is dependent on God's wisdom and guidance. In order to accomplish our mission, we need committed prayer partners to lift up the Center, the staff, board members and volunteers and most importantly, the needs of our clients. Please, prayerfully consider standing in that gap for SCC and signing up for weekly emails with specific prayer concerns for the center.


Spread the Word about Savannah Care

Follow Savannah Care Center on Facebook and Twitter (@SavannahCare) and Instagram. Share SCC posts on your page. Share the mission of SCC with your community--let them know that SCC is here to affirm and celebrate life. Links for Social media are at the bottom righthand corner of this page.

Volunteering Group

Event planning Committee

Working with staff to plan and manage the Annual Fundraising Gala, Walk for Life, Baby Bottle Campaigns, Baby Showers and mini-drives for supplies with local churches.

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